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Today I wanted to discuss reviews and their importance to an author. When I am scrolling through Netflix or Amazon Prime looking for a good movie to watch, I check the stars to see what other people thought. I do the same with books and I know you all do, too. Most people are honest, they give good feedback, and if they really liked the show or the book, they tell you.

Sadly, not everyone falls into this category. There are people out there who live to tear others down. Often they are people who never found a publishing house willing to take their manuscript, they never finished their manuscript, or they are other authors who assume making someone else look bad makes them look better. They act as authorities and make ridiculous claims and comments.

My author friends and I joke about being part of the "one-star" or "two-star" group. My publishing house, The Wild Rose Press, is top-notch. Our editors are some of the best in the business and our cover artists are fantastic. When someone gives a poor review, they are not only tearing down the author, but the publishing house, the editors, and everyone involved. It's true haters are going to hate< and I pay little attention to poor reviews. I realize the world is a dark place for some people. I would hate to live in a world where praise for one person means there isn't enough for anyone else.

But guess what? It's an abundant universe, and what you give out comes back to you. So, give the smile, the word of praise, the pat on the back. And if you know a struggling author, artist, singer, musician, or actor give them a thumbs up, a good review, or a tip just because you can.

Make someone's day. That bit of encouragement will come back to you multiplied the same way a negative one will. So why not?

Getting off my soapbox now.

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